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Martha Tabor Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2023.062

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Four boxes and one folder containing records related to the work and accomplishments of Martha Tabor, a local artist and activist from the DC area, including pamphlets, fliers, photographs, slides, photo negatives, personal and business correspondences, newspaper and magazine clippings, receipts for artwork sold or donated to various agencies

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  • Creation: 1979 - 2003


Box 1 - (1979-2004) Collection of personal documents, photographs, pamphlets, correspondence, receipts and clippings from newspapers and magazines related to Martha Tabor’s life and work MA Diploma from Goddard College (1980) Art Spirit - folder containing religious art materials Wustum - Pet Exhibit (1993-2000) - fliers, program, correspondence, receipts and newspaper clippings re: Wustum Museum Pet Exhibit, 1993. Dog and Cat Scenes - collection of developed black and white photographs and negatives of dogs and cats in various settings, undated Folder containing information about Studio Gallery “My Dog as Art” (1991) Unions - collection of book covers, calendars and pamphlets re: Women and Unions (1982-1985) Torpedo Factory (1995) - program and correspondence re: “Pick of the Litter” exhibit at the Torpedo Factory Art Center Montpelier Show (1994, 2000) - “Hand and Soul” exhibit (1994); related newspaper clippings, pamphlets, descriptions of artwork, Twentieth Anniversary exhibit invitations (2000) NCP&P Commissions Capitol gallery (1991-2) - flyers and correspondence, several business cards taped inside folder Midwives and National Library of Medicine (1983-2003) - correspondence re: series of photographs taken of midwives and births in various locations in the US, donated by Martha Tabor to the National Library of Medicine National Press Club - undated flyer for art piece at National Press Club National Zoo (1983) - one copy of “Zoogoer” magazine DOL - Green - OOQ (1996-1998) - folder containing copies of Occupational Outlook Quarterly, PASS-Richard (2000) - flyers for exhibit with Tabor’s work Phillips Collection (1988-1999) - related flyers from two exhibits Rising Phoenix Retreat Center (2004) - information re: “Martha Tabor: A Retrospective Exhibit” Rutgers Show (1984) - Women and Labor exhibit, related newspaper clippings, correspondence, receipts, flyers, handwritten notes Millenium Art Center Show (2001) - Washington Women Artists Marching into the Millennium exhibit, related clippings, speech honoring Tabor, Timeline of her life, CV listing major exhibits and accomplishments Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist (2003) - exhibit of Tabor’s work; folder includes fliers, notes, and press clippings; Louisiana State U - Animals in Art (1996) - clippings, correspondence, receipts Md. Hall for the Creative Arts (1998) Meany Show (1983-1996) - clippings related to multiple shows over Tabor’s career Meany Center Photo Gift (2003) - correspondence and notes re: set of photographs given to Meany Center by Tabor Metro Stuff (1987-1989) - developed photographs of machinery and construction Annie Gawlak Georgetown Show Elliot (2001) - flyers Glenview Mansion (1999) - flyers, correspondence, clippings Goucher College (1992) - flyers and program Grounds for Sculpture exhibit (2000) - flyers and booklets Historical Society of Washington DC (undated) - mailer Iona House (1988) - senior services report Kathleen Ewing Gallery (empty) Newman Gallery Show (1994) - notes, correspondence, receipts Touchstone Show (2001) - rejection note Corcoran Alumni Exhibit (1995-1998) - flyers and correspondence ILR Press (1993) - Labor-related publications EEP (1993) - photographs from an article Dabian Gallery (1995) - flyers, correspondence, clippings Misc DC Govt (1981-1985) - correspondence from Fraternal Order of Police; DC commission Dog Show Art (1992-1995) - related pamphlets, congratulatory note 1111 PA Due - Francoise (2002) - correspondence and price lists Friends Meeting of Washington (undated) - picture of sculpture over a door Gallery K (undated) - postcard Catholic University Exhibit (2000) - flyers, correspondence, clippings Children’s Inn at NITT (undated) - invitation Church Groups (1982-1998) - clippings from Christian Social Action, related flyers and pamphlets, Buffalo State College (undated correspondence) Brody’s Gallery (undated) - Tools in Art exhibit Art Scene (1997) - misc clippings Arscape (1994) - magazine copy Arlington Arts Center (1990) - flyers Allegany Arts Council (2000-2002), flyers and awards Unlabeled folder (2004) - last will and testament, correspondence related to Tabor’s heirs and estate High school and BA diplomas Information re: donation of photographs to City Museum Assorted, undated photographs with negatives (2 folders) Obituaries (2003) - collection of obituaries for Martha Tabor, and an address book Photos of Martha (undated) - collection of photographs with negatives of Martha Tabor Box 2 (1979-2003) - folders containing mostly a collection of Tabor’s photography, slides and artwork, along with some correspondence and pamphlets Mary Louie (undated) - photographs Misc Photos (undated) - photographs Wesley Theological Seminary pamphlet Lloyd von Brunt (1991) - photographs and correspondence Ralston Cox and Kenneth (1994) - assorted photographs Washington Sculptor’s Group (1994-2000) - newsletters, pamphlets, membership info, issues featuring Tabor’s work printouts of reviews General Dog Pics (undated) - as labeled Kate assorted (undated) - collection of photos of Kate, Tabor’s dog Washington Theological Union (1994-2000) - correspondence, handwritten notes, pamphlets, and exhibition information Resumes (1979-2000) - collection of resumes, drafts and artist statements throughout Tabor’s career Washington Quaker Work Camps (196-1997) - photographs and information about the camps Loose photographs (1979-2000) - assorted photographs and negatives related to Tabor’s various exhibitions over her career Donor Papers Sample Packet (2003) - receipts and correspondence re: Tabor’s estate and donations to various charities and organizations TABOR (1979-2003) - collection of slides from projects related to labor, service sector workers, documentary work, midwifery, political and professional life, lithographs, general photography and “My Dog as Art” Box 3 - black and white slides of Martha Tabor’s work (1979-1983) 2 magnifying glasses for slides Slides to be - on carousel (1981-1983) - laborers in various professions around DC and the US; Unmounted slides of women in blue-collar art photos Slides for DC Commission Grant service sector workers (1981) - including laundry, library, fire, street, jail, accident, trash, zoo, etc Ani Durst, Neville Island Work Break, Lillian Lightbourne (1978-1979) Blue collar worker slides, electricians, bricklayers, truck drivers, pile driver and sheets, shift change, etc (1979) “Me - photos of photos (3 cartons) - photos of Martha Tabor in school and growing up, camping, working, etc Pictures of Exhibition at Rutgers (1984) - midwifery exhibit General Work Documentary photos (1983) - black lung, pile drivers, shift change, farmers, oil field workers, elderly, farm sale, unemployment Taos slides (1983) - midwifery Home birth slides 1-12 (1983) Austin midwifery slides (1983) Box 4 - One full slide carousel with examples of Tabor’s work (1979-1996) Large Folder - Tabor, Martha 2023-062 FF1 (1990-2003) Collection of full size prints and a calendar featuring Tabor’s work