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Richardson, John P.

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2017-009

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5 RC boxes of research files related to Alexander Robey "Boss" Shepherd.

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Donated by John Richardson.

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This is an unprocessed collection and might be stored at an offsite location. Materials within this collection have limited or no organization and a detailed content description is unavailable. Collection has been placed in the queue for future processing.


  • Creation: Majority of material found within 1990 - 2000


10 Linear feet (5 boxes of book research files.)


Box 1: Stone, Charles P.; Charles Sumner; Chihuahua, Mexico; Funeral/Return; Copper Canyon - Resources; Fanciful Accounts; HSM Related Research; Mexico - Filing; Copper Canyon - Commercial; Challenges - Mexico; L.H. Stevens; Copper Canyon - Articles About; Mexico - Post Ars; Ars, JR Receipt, 1935; Shepherd Estate Matters Safe Deposit Box - BMC Etc.; Mexico Assessments; Maps - Mexico; Mountain Cottage; Albert K. Owen Correspondence; Research Aids - Mexico; Translation - Resena; J.R. Robinson Era; Silver Magnet; Spanish Translation of Silver Magnet; BMC Documents; Contemporaries; Bios - Alphabetical; Lewis Clephane; Adulph Cluss; Cooke, Henry D.; W.W. Corcoran; Frederick Douglass; Hausmann; Henry, Joseph; Sylvanus Holmes; Kimball, I.G.; Moore, William D.; Robert Moses; A.B. Mullett; Vinnie Ream; Ars Assessments; Shepherd - Articles/Letters About; Bankruptcy; Ars - Blog Sketches; Birthplace; Ars - Schooling; Board of Public Works; Attacks on BPW; B and C Railroad; ""Boss"" Issue; Ars - DC Business Activity; Canal; Center Market; Comments by DC - pre-ars; Comprehensive Plan; Ars - Civil War; Charles County - General. Box 2: Congressional Investigation - 1872; Congressional Investigation - 1874; D.C. Commission Rule; Evening Star; 1876 Election; D.C. Finance; D.C. Maps; 1125 10th Street NW; Fourth Presbyterian Church; Gilded Age; Grants and Ars; Homecoming 1887; 1872 Republican Convention/Grant Election; Ars - ""Improvement""; Interim House Investigation (1872); 1872 Investigation; Land Deals (Ars); Louise Home; 1874 Investigation; Mary G. Shepherd Writings; McMillan Plan; New National Era; Oak Hill Cemetery; D.C. Overview Lessoff/Abbott; Parking/Trees; Personality Assessment; Ars Portrait; Plumbing Company; Pre-Ars Improvements; Presbyterian Churches; Quirks; Ars quotes; Real Estate; Republican Factions; Republican Party; Ars Reflections; Ars reviews; Removal of capital; Virginia retrocession; Yellow fever mission 1878; Safe Burglary; Ars Statue; 1705 K Street NW, 1125 10th Street NW; Shepherd Park School; DC Society - Post Civil War; Street Paving; Late 19th Century Washington DC; Pre-Terr Govt. Ars' Emergency Speech; Rock Creek Cemetery Mausoleum; Territorial Govt. I; Territorial Govt. I; Ars - Undated; Undine Boat Club; Vavx (?) Scandal; Ars Wealth; Shepherd and Race; Race Issues; Black Franchise; Statistics; Blacks - Pre Terr. Govt.; Blacks and Terr. Govt.; Bowen-Emery; Ars-Bowen-Howard; Black Society; Freedmen's Bureau; Freedman's Bank; Anti-Discrimination Legislation; Post-War DC; Black Schools; Black Labor; Family Bibles/Births/Deaths/Marriages; Young/Grice Records I; Mary Grice Shepherd; Young/Grice Records I Box 3: Descendants' Family Trees; Descendants - List; Descendants (Conness); Descendants (May); Nisbet/Quintard Documentary; Descendants (Grace); Descendants (Susan); Letters - Sinkler Manning (Susan); Descendants (Grant); Descendants (Isabel); Descendants (Alexander); Mary Shepherd Descendants; Descendants - General Correspondence; Letters - Mary Worsham (Alexander); Relatives (Youngs); Siblings (Two Generations); Thomas M. Shepherd; Wilmer Shepherd; Arthur S. Shepherd; Susan Shepherd (Widow); Ancestors (Robeys); Townley Robey; A. Shepherd (Father); Ancestors (Shepherds); Alex Shepherd Jr. Dates/General; Alex Shepherd Jr. Business Affairs; Shepherd Farm (Brightwood); Alex Shepherd Jr. - Church Connections; Alex Shepherd Jr. - Will and Gravesite; Alex Shepherd Jr. - Land Deals; Ars - Genealogy; Thomas Shepherd; John Shepherd; Francis Shepherd; John Shepherd; Key Names; Episcopal Churches - Charles County; Local Maps - Charles County; Mt. Pleasant; Shepherd Genealogy; Bowen Thesis; Sayles Bowen; Statue Cleaning; Chronologies. Box 4: Chronologies; Ars 1835-89; Ars 1842-45; Ars 1870; Ars 1871; Ars 1872; Ars 1873; Ars 1874; Ars 1875; Ars 1876; Ars 1877; Ars 1878; Ars 1880; Ars 1879; Ars 1881 Diary; 1881; 1882; 1883; 1884; Ars - 1885; 1886; BMC - 1887; 1887; 1888; 1889; Ars 1890-94; 1983 Panic; BMC 1896; Ars - 1896; Ars - 1895; Ars - 1897; Phil Ogilvie; Ars - 1898; Ars - 1899; Ars - 1900; Ars - 1901; Ars - 1902; Ars - Death Report; Ars - 1903; Mexican Revolution; Letters - Mexico; Batopilas Flajk; Batopilas Trip JPR - 2011; BMC Reports 1882 - 1883; BMC - 1884; BMC - 1900 Report; BMC - 1901 Report; BMC - 1902 Report; BMC Articles; Batopilas/Mining General; Goodland Reports - 1909. Box 5: Extra Ars Graphics; Ars Graphics (Xeroxes); Graphics - Ars Permission; Ars Photo Sources; Working File - Ars Graphics; Library of Congress; LOC Congress; Other Sources; National Archives; Smithsonian Institution; Washingtoniana Room; His. Soc. Washington; DC Archives; Gelman Library; Computer Files; Ars - Bibliographies; Correspondence - Grant; Ars - General Correspondence; Bibliographies - General; Ars - General Correspondence; Research Aids - General; City Maps; Book Searches; Alan Lessoff; Contact Lists; Genealogical Software; On-Line Research; Ars - Prints/Drawings/Cartoons; Restaurant (""Boss Shepherd""); Research Aids - Ancestors; Charter Revision; Research Assistants; Chapter Outline; Ars - Book Plan; Preface; Ars Manuscript Reviews; Chapter One; Footnote Edits; Text Critiques; Tale of the Cemeteries; Ars and the Race Issue in Washington; Wash History Article.