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Lustig, Ray

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2023.028

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Photographs (on negative film, slides, and photographic paper) taken by Raymond Lustig during his time as a professional photographer; some personal and work-related papers

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Donated to the Library in 2023 by Gary Cameron on behalf of the Lustig estate.

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This is an unprocessed collection and might be stored at an offsite location. Materials within this collection have limited or no organization and a detailed content description is unavailable. Collection has been placed in the queue for future processing.


  • Creation: 1965 - 2000


21 Linear feet (56 Boxes 10 standard archival boxes 1 large, flat box (5”X17”X24”) 19 Kodak photographic paper boxes (11.5”x15”x1”) 26 Kodak Kodabromide boxes (8”x10”x4”) )


Box 1: Approximately 40 large-format (11”X14”, 8”X10”) black-and-white photographs, some mounted on paperboard, of DC and federal political figures (Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Robert Bork, James Brady, Marion Barry), everyday life in Washington, DC, Formula One race cars, a few portraits of unidentified individuals or families. Two envelopes contain negatives. Five three-ring binders contain negatives, prints, and slides – Gonzaga HS, Patricia Underwood/hat designer/NYC, flowers/plants/self-portraits, plant seed packs, 1984 Democratic National Convention. Date range: 1980s Box 2: Four boxes of 11”X14” prints: sporting events (motorcycle races, football games, car races and race car drivers, portraits, copies of publications in which Lustig’s photos appeared (copies of The Sunday Star, 1970-1973), political figures, AIDS patients in San Francisco, CA hospice, medical personnel at GWU Hospital and Johns Hopkins Hospital (These photographs accompanied a 1983 story about intensive care and end-of-life decisions by medical staff. After publication of the article and photos, the director of the JHU Hospital ICU resigned due to the alleged invasion of patient privacy.) Date range: 1980s Slightly musty, moldy odor, some dust and light grime Box 3: Ten envelopes and folders with prints, slides, and negatives of AIDS patients, Moloney Coach Builders (Chicago), DC Press Club photos, two three-ring binders with negatives for various Washington Post stories (President Reagan’s travels, GU hospital, DC personalities and events), ten small boxes of slides (various faces and buildings). Date range: 1980s Box 4: Two three-ring binders with negatives of various DC-area people and events, negatives of AIDS victims and physicians, large envelope “VA Legislature 1984” with prints and negatives, two large three-ring binders with slides – pages are sticky and binders contain numerous seeds – photos of interiors, social events, people Box 5: One large envelope with prints and negatives of DC Fire Department personnel in action, at the station, etc. Three boxes of negatives and prints of DC FD personnel, fire trucks, etc. inside smaller Washington Star envelopes. Date range: late 1970s Box 6: Three award plaques (1980,1990,1998), 16 small plastic boxes of slides, 8 yellow cardboard boxes of slides, some personal photos? One carousel with slides. Date range: early 1970s and early 1990s Box 7: 48 8”X10” black-and-white photos of various members of Congress, federal government officials, DC government officials, and well-known personalities (Joe Biden, Donald Trump, James Baker, Clarence Thomas, Sharon Pratt Kelly, Warren Beatty, Annette Benning, Oliver Stone, and many others) in meetings and other official Congressional proceedings. Four 14”X11”X1” boxes with various photos and negatives from 1968 to 1990 – images include events in Washington, DC (1968 riots in DC, street protests, 1989 Marine Corps Marathon, aftermath of street shootings, social events and benefits, etc.), politicians (Senators, administration officials, US military top-ranking brass, foreign officials). Date range: approx. 1968-1992 Box 8: 12 large envelopes with various job-related papers from 1989-1991: Washington Post job performance review; technical-instructional booklets on cameras, lenses, and other equipment; mileage and expense reports; letters from Congressional and other federal officials. One portfolio folder with negatives from several 1989-1991 DC social and political events. Two three-ring binders with negatives from assignment for US Department of Agriculture: 1976 USDA yearbook – photos of various farms, farmers, equipment, animals, crops, etc. Box 9: 52 photographs mounted on paperboard with varying sizes (11”X7”, 9”X6”, etc.) 7 are from a butcher shop (1964 calendar is visible in one photo), 9 are from a hospital, 25 were taken in a manufacturing facility, 9 are from a seaside baptismal ceremony. Estimated date range: mid-1960s. Two other photos dated 1985. Box 10: 8 packs of negatives with various images from DC events and also Mason-Dixon 500 auto race (dated mid-1970s) in Washington Star envelopes; various sheets of negatives in Washington Post sheaths dated mid-1980s, images from Medstar Hospital and other events/venues; one three-ring binder with negatives in Washington Post sheaths dated 1984 with images from various Washington state locations; one Washington Post three-ring binder with slides of various Washington, DC places, buildings, plants, and people, all undated; one three-ring binder with negatives in Washington Post sheaths dated 1988, images are from Union Station renovation work and from various jails and detention centers in Virginia; one three-ring binder with negatives in Washington Post sheaths with a variety of images (politicians, snow, etc.) from January-February 1984. Box 11: (large, flat box – 5”X17”X24”) 72 large-format (e.g., 13”X15”, 13”X20”, 16”X20”, etc.) black-and-white photographs. 18 are mounted on paperboard, 54 are unmounted. Several mounted photos are labeled on the back with captions and “The Washington Star” or “The Milwaukee Journal.” Subject of photos varies: fashion show, band performing in concert hall, beauty pageant, Edward Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson. Date range: mid-1960s? Slight vinegar smell Box 12 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Wash Star-Personal”): 20 small packets of negatives marked with various dates, 1975-1978; four packs of slides; seven photographs (one of Ray Lustig near the Capitol, wearing a coat behind camera); personal papers including passport issued in 1972, application for Polish visa, 1982, and correspondence re closure of The Washington Star offices; one manila envelope with testimony and photographs related to incident at Anthony House, May 1970 Box 13 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “DC Firemen”): Approximately 50 prints of various sizes related to home and commercial fires in Washington, DC – firefighters, burned buildings, etc. One pack of negatives. Several photographs dated 1977. Box 14 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Wash Star”): Approximately 100 photographs, mostly 11” by 14”, various subjects in Washington, DC – tourists, buildings, political figures (e.g., Hubert Humphrey, LBJ, Nixon, Marion Barry, Walter Fauntroy, Jack Germond); several photographs are dated 1971-1977 Box 15 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Racing”): Approximately 50 11” by 14” photographs of motorcycles, race cars, and drivers/riders, several photos include captions on reverse side, several are dated 1977; article authored by Ray Lustig for Cycle World dated 1974, including correspondence with magazine editor – ‘“How-To” Photograph Cycle Racing’ Box 16 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Racing”): Approximately 70 photographs, mostly 11” by 14”, of race cars and drivers, several photos include captions on reverse side, dated 1975 Box 17 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Auto Racing”): Approximately 100 photographs, mostly 11” by 14”, of race cars and race car drivers, two photos include description with date of 1973; several newspaper clippings Box 18 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Auto Racing”): Approximately 100 11” by 14” photographs of race cars and race car drivers, undated, without caption/description Box 19 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Okamoto”): Seven 11” by 14” photographs of LBJ dated 1965-1968, photocopies of two newspaper articles on LBJ and Nixon official photographers (LBJ’s official photographer was Yoichi Okamoto) Box 20 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Wash Star”): Approximately 80 photographs, mostly 11” by 14”, side variety of subjects (only faces recognized are Marion Barry, Walter Fauntroy, Brooke Shields, and Paul, George, and Ringo (no John) at a press conference; one set of 20 horse/equestrian slides Box 21 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “M/C”): Approximately 40 11” by 14” photographs and 10 slides of motorcycles and riders at races, several have captions and are dated 1971-1973; three copies of June 1977 issue of Motorcyclist, one issue of Harley Davidson The Motorcycle Enthusiast in Action, published September 1967 Box 22 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Export Bike Info ‘73”): Promotional materials for and other information on various motorcycles, correspondence between Ray Lustig and several UK motorcycle dealers dated 1971-1973 re possible purchase Box 23 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “M/C Selects”): Approximately 50 11” by 14” photographs of motorcycles and riders at races, undated, without caption/description Box 24 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Snapshots”): Approximately 25 11” by 14” photographs and 25 8” by 10” photographs of assorted subjects, including about 20 of Ray Lustig; photos are undated Box 25 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “M/C Racing”): Approximately 100 photographs, mostly 11” by 14”, of motorcycles and riders at races, several dated 1973; several motorcycle race flyers Box 26 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “M/C Racing”): Approximately 100 photographs, mostly 11” by 14”, of motorcycles and riders at races, several dated 1973 Box 27 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Sting”): 20 photographs, 11”x14” or 8”x10”, negatives, contact print sheets related to Washington, DC police sting operations – group portrait of police, candid shots, press conferences, dated 1976-1978; two copies of People Weekly from March 29, 1976 (a two-page article on the sting operation appeared in the issue, with photo by Ray Lustig) Box 28 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Prints”): Approximately 50 photographs, mostly 11”x14”, undated and without captions, of wide variety of human subjects – country farm, Nixon, debutante ball(?), clash at anti-Vietnam War protest(?), one mounted photo of Linda Ronstadt and one of Mary Tyler Moore (I think) Box 29 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Washington Magazine Clips”): Eight issues of Washington magazine, some copies are duplicates, date range 1970-1973 Box 30 (11.5”x15”x1” – labeled “Country Nurse”): Approximately 50 photographs, mostly 11”x14”, of various human subjects, indoors, in hospital, at a farm, etc. – several of these photos accompanied an article entitled “Country Nurse: How Helen Roach helps the sick and poor of Loudoun County” in the March 4, 1973 issue of Washington; also several unrelated photos, one dated 1973 – caption mentions desegregation of Prince George’s county schools Box 31: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 1964-5 B&W”): Approximately 100 8”x10” contact print sheets with variety of photographs – orchestra conductor, butcher shop, street scenes, building sites, factories, workers, portraits – some have negatives attached with paper clip; approximately 50 sets of negatives, each with 12-50 images, most are labeled with subject, e.g., hospital, Downer College alumni party, Salvation Army camp, around town, etc. Box 32: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Color Slide – Star”): 10 small boxes of slides (each box holds 8-15 slides) dated 1969-1970, subjects include Christmas toys, Harper’s Ferry, Winter Ocean City, MD, Late Night DC Restaurants, Fashion, Shoes & Handbags, Wine Tasting, Nadine Box 33: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Snapshots B&W, Ray Friends”): one envelope with 15 small photo portraits of Ray Lustig, labeled “Lustig’s Passport Pix;” six contact print sheets with candid shots, accompanied by negatives; 20 packs of negatives, most with the name of a person written on sleeve, dated 1968-1972 Box 34: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Travel Snapshots”): 8 small boxes of slides, most are undated, one box labeled “Chicago 6-71” Box 35: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Color Slide - No. Carolina”): 18 small boxes of slides, dated 1968-1971, each box is labeled: Nag’s Head, Wright Memorial, Banks, Nite Beach Scene, etc. Box 36: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Outer Banks Color Slides”): 10 small boxes of slides, date November 1975 appears of one box Box 37: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Friends: B&W/Color”): 10 small boxes of slides, each labeled by name; approximately 30 contact print sheets with various fashion-style photos and nude photos, negatives accompany some sheets; six packs of negatives labeled with name and date. Date range 1967-1971 Box 38: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Fashion DC”): contact print sheets and negatives from fashion shoots with female models from various events, dated 1966-1967 Box 39: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Lustig’s Negs 1981 - Jan 1 thru April 1”): ten envelopes with negatives – two envelopes are labeled: “Hostage Homecoming, Jan 81” and “Steelwork: DC Convention Center March 4, ‘81,” eight envelopes are labeled with date range and each sleeve of negatives is labeled by topic/subject Box 40: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Lustig’s Negs ‘79 Special”): Approximately 20 contact sheets – one set contains eight sheets and negatives of Deng Ziaoping’s 1979 visit to the US (numerous photos with President Carter and the First Lady); 13 envelopes with negatives, each envelope is labeled – subjects include Marion Barry’s 1978 inauguration, schools and universities in DC, Congressional hearings – date range 1978-1979 Box 41: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Seasonal Color - Flowers”): 14 small boxes of slides, most are labeled with place and/or subject, e.g., “Wildflowers - Colo. Boulder Canyon 6-71,” “Shenandoah, Fall,” “Orchid Selects,” etc. Date range 1968-1971 Box 42: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Lustig’s ‘80 IV Negs, ‘81 I Negs”): Ten envelopes with negatives, each envelope labeled with subject and date, various DC events and locations Box 43: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Lustig’s Negs ‘79 Special”): Ten envelopes with negatives, each envelope labeled with date range; the entire set covers the period July to December 1977 Box 44: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Color Slides / Copies - Dupes”): Nine small boxes of color slides, all dated 1969; note inside box reads, “So. Short Course Dupes” - mostly fashion-related photos Box 45: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Color Negs Middle South”): Eleven small boxes of color slides, all dated 1975 - assorted subjects in photos: people, buildings, ships/harbor Box 46: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Lustig’s Negs 1977”): 35 envelopes with negatives inside sleeves, all dated 1977, each envelope is labeled with subject of photos – all are related to Washington, DC or the local area, e.g., “Rostropovich rehearsing the Nat. Symphony,” Energy Sec. James R. Schlesinger,” “Mama Ayesha, Calvert Restaurant,” “Jimmy Carter’s Inauguration,” etc. Some envelopes are accompanied by contact print sheet. Contents are a bit smelly – mold/mildew Box 47: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Mixed-Media Workshop Phase I 1969 / Phase II 1970”): 40 sets of negatives (in an envelope) plus contact sheet, most contain about a dozen photos of various street/neighborhood scenes or portraits; for each set, a name appears on the envelope or back of the contact sheet. Included are notes/outline headed “Photo… Graphics… Writing Class 1969” – it appears these were the photos taken by participants in a photography class taught by Lustig Box 48: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Prints”): Approximately 100 black-and-white 8”x10” photographs, undated, wide variety of subjects: sheet scenes, gala social functions, performing arts, several political figures (Robert F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower) Box 49: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Mixed-Media Workshop Phase III 1970”): Contents similar to those of box 47 – 20 sets of negatives (in an envelope) plus contact sheet, most contain about a dozen photos of various street/neighborhood scenes or portraits; for each set, a name appears on the envelope or back of the contact sheet. Box 50: (4”x8”x10” – unlabeled): Ten envelopes with negatives in sleeves, date range is typed on each envelope – series begins in May 1980 and ends in August 1980; the subject of photos is written on each sleeve, all are Washington, DC people/places/events Box 51: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “DC Color / Night Color Slides”): Seven small boxes of color slides, date range 1969-1973, various outdoor subjects (e.g., Arlington Cemetery, Kennedy Center, DC at night) Box 52: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Fashion Show / Color Slides Fashion”): Four small boxes of color slides, dated 1969-1970, and one pack of color slides – various fashion images, fashion models Box 53: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Color Slide Various / San”): Nine small boxes of color slides plus three empty boxes, only date that appears is 1969 – subjects include Herper’s Ferry area, Spotsylvania, VA Civil War cemetery, landscapes, street scenes Box 54: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Strip Neg B/W”): Approximately 150 contact print sheets accompanied by negatives in envelopes and sleeves, dated 1966, wide variety of Washington, DC subjects: politicians, people, events Box 55: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Lustig’s Negs ‘79 II”): Ten envelopes with negatives in sleeves, each sleeve labeled with subject of photos, dated April to July 1979 Box 56: (4”x8”x10” – labeled “Univ of Minn - B&W”): Approximately 100 contact print sheets accompanied by negatives in envelopes and sleeves, dated 1963 to 1965, subjects include portraits (Wendy Goodro), New York City buildings, landscapes/cityscapes in winter, factory operations/machines; also one personal letter dated 13 Feb 1963