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Gallery 10

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2022.079

Content Description

Artworks, slide negatives, photo prints and negatives, catalogs, promotional materials, printed materials, and other assorted materials relating to Gallery 10. Photo prints and negatives, video cassettes, slide negatives, documents, correspondence, printed and typescript materials, and other materials relating to personal lives of Jim and Maxine Cable, their activities, and family members.

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Donated by Claudia Vess and Lucy Blankstein in 2022.

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Access Restrictions

This is an unprocessed collection and might be stored at an offsite location. Materials within this collection have limited or no organization and a detailed content description is unavailable. Collection has been placed in the queue for future processing. No access will be granted to restricted boxes (41 and 42)


  • Creation: 1891-1899, 1933-2014


36 Linear feet (1 flat box, 0.5 LF 1 envelope box, 0.5 LF 6 slide carousel flat boxes, 1.5 LF 3 envelopes, 3 framed items, 3 loose items: 0.5 LF 33 record center boxes, 33 LF (through 42) )


Loose item: artwork by Lila Snow featuring USA map, Lila Snow promotional posters Loose item: artwork “le cessez-le-peu?” Envelope 1: artwork including sketches of “Jim Cable design for Artists Equity DC logo poster”; printed promotional materials for art shows, mostly at Gallery 10. Envelope 2: printed promotional posters and assemblages on cardboard relating to Gallery 10 5th Anniversary Show. Box 1: 4 artworks by Lila Snow, including 3 collage pieces. Box 2: NASA posters, “GALLERY 10 LTD” sign, printed booklets of artwork, “Masterpieces of Painting from the National Gallery of Art” printed book containing loose printed clippings of artwork. Box 3: Slide carousel of slide negatives. Label includes “India,” “Madras,” “Jain Temple - Victoria Monument,” “Calcutta”. Box 4: Slide carousel of slide negatives. Labeled “India and inside sculptures / locals making bricks chaff/wheat?”. Box 5: Slide carousel of slide negatives. Labeled “Khajuraho Rate “R””. Box 6: Slide carousel of slide negatives. Labeled “Ganges plus one with M.C. on stairway to a temple”. Box 7: Slide carousel of slide negatives. Labeled “India market / temple”. Box 8: Slide carousel of slide negatives. Labeled “fishing nets / place with lots of monuments / view from a high place [illegible]. / real elephant”. Box 9: Materials related to Jim Cable. Includes 2 t-shirts; binder containing printed document of Department of the Air Force Organization & Functions (Chartbook); burglary information from Montgomery County Police Department; approx. 24 folders containing official/government documents, printed materials, mail, newspaper clippings, holograph notes, design sketches, sheet music, slide negatives. Labeled “Traveling / Jim bio.” Internally labeled “Other files possibly of social hist. interest?”. Box 10: Cassette tapes; printed guide books, catalogs, and promotional materials related to art galleries and exhibitions; business cards. Internally labeled “Catalogs / Venice Bienali / Gallery 10 / Variety.” Box 11: Printed materials, including promotional materials and guidebooks, mostly relating to art shows, mostly at Gallery 10. Includes materials relating to shows of works by Maxine Cable. Box 12: Binder containing stamp, printed materials, financial documents and records for Maryland Printmakers Inc.; photo prints; postcards; menus; periodicals; poster; guidebooks, brochures, pamphlets, programs, maps relating to travels in Europe; slide negatives; other miscellaneous items. Box 13: 11 framed photo prints. Labeled “Jim’s Photo Exhibit”. Box 14: Photo prints in folder labeled “Found at a recycle shop / relations of Jean Dixon”; cloth bag; flag; notecard records of Gallery 10 art sales; video cassette; CD; printed Corcoran artist directories; box of slide negatives with card; address label book; printed art catalogs, brochures, promotional materials; folder containing art designs. Box 15: Art catalogs, guide books, brochures, promotional materials. Includes folder with photocopied typescript writing, poems, and art pieces on paper. Box 16: Expanding envelope containing mail, financial documents, newspaper clippings, holograph notes relating to Edward A. Roth; envelope with Edward A. Roth financial records; 1946 class photo; printed materials relating to clarinet, including sheet music; 1949 yearbook with photo prints; accordion folder containing holograph and typescript notes, promotional materials, financial papers, official documents, and other miscellaneous materials relating to Washington Women’s Arts Center; plastic bag with CDs relating to Lila Snow, slide negatives, printed book and booklet, promotional materials from Washington Women’s Art Center and Gallery 10, guide books, newspaper clippings, other miscellaneous materials. Box 17: Materials relating mostly to Edward A. Roth. Includes architecture license, architecture designs, official documents and mail, book of photo prints, folders of sheet music. ALso contains handwritten inventory of materials in this and other boxes. Box 18: Gallery 10 promo poster; 6 video cassettes; photo prints; gallery and exhibition programs, catalogs, promotional materials; other printed materials related to artists and exhibitions; newspaper clippings; mail (including to Maxine Cable); holograph notes; photocopied printed writing pieces; Maxine Cable personal documents including mail, travel documents, other materials; slide negatives. Box 19: Jim and Maxine cable personal materials. Includes box labeled “Cables grocery receipts - 1910-1912?”; box with Jim and Maxine Cable passports, other personal documents, coin; envelope with Jim Cable pins; 2 photo albums with photo prints, holograph notes, newspaper clippings; photo prints and negatives; bank documents including safe deposit box key; materials related to house in Berlin, Pennsylvania, including correspondence, deeds, financial documents; checks. Box 20: Photo prints and negatives; correspondence; newspaper clippings; “Air Force Supply System” periodicals; printed, typescript, and holograph materials relating to Air Force; “Xmas card mailing list”; binder containing holograph notes, drawings, typescript, and newspaper clippings; printed periodicals, guide books, catalogs; original artwork; Gallery 10 catalog; pamphlets relating to aluminum with piece of aluminum; maps; poster; catalog and newspaper clippings relating to Raymond Loewy; event programs. Loose item: “Art as Book as Art / Maryland 1984” program. Box 21: Newspaper and periodical clippings and whole items; art catalog; sketches including designs; programs, brochures, and promotional materials; correspondence including greeting cards; printed and typescript materials relating to Air Force, including periodicals and clippings; holograph notes; photo prints; medical and insurance documents for Jim and Maxine Cable. Box 22: Printed books, some containing ephemera; Italian art catalog book; TV manual; shoebox labeled “1997 travel / France - Italy” containing maps, pamphlets, brochures, photo prints, travel documents, correspondence, name tags. Envelope 3: Original artworks. Loose items: 3 framed items. Box 23: DEED OF GIFT; 5 compact video cassette tapes; 3 slide carousels of slide negatives, one also including photo negatives; art catalogs from Washington Women's Arts Center, July 9, 1978. Box 24: Color sampler; handwritten card; Maxine Cable last will and testament, signed and notarized; expense/income summary 10/11/14; photo prints and negatives, some framed, including family photos; materials relating to home improvement and construction, including newspaper clippings, brochures and pamphlets, receipts, holograph notes, slide negatives, photo prints, designs, contracts, other printed and typescript materials; printed, typescript, and holograph materials relating to neighborhood events, including newspaper clippings; legal and financial documents relating to Jim Cable death; mortgage documents. Box 25: Promotional materials, programs, and catalogs for exhibitions at Gallery 10, mostly by Maxine Cable. Box 26: Photo prints; Maxine Cable Corcoran award certificate; art booklet; promotional materials for art shows; slide carousel of slide negatives labeled “Global Focus / China”; programs and catalogs; folder containing Nuns’ Circle Buddhism event materials; periodical with review of Maxine Cable; box containing photo prints and negatives labeled “Maxine photos / installations / etc”; 4 booklets of photo prints. Box 27: 4 boxes of slide negatives. Box 28: Video cassette labeled “G10 Y2K event”; photo prints and negatives; programs and promotional materials for art/cultural events; printed Manhattan guide book; 7 CDs; 11 cassette tapes; Maxine Cable name tags for conferences in China; slide negatives; newsletters; travel materials including maps, brochures, itineraries, periodicals and periodical clippings, other printed and typescript materials; miscellaneous printed materials relating to Maxine and Jim Cable activities. Box 29: Materials relating to Jim Cable personal life. Includes holograph notes; cards; photo prints; slide negatives; typescript documents; newspaper clippings; original artwork(?); Jim Cable diplomas and certificates; art catalogs. Box 30: Materials relating to Jim and Maxine Cable personal life. Includes holograph and typescript notes; slide negatives; membership cards; address booklets; 26 Jim Cable diaries; English-French dictionary; photo prints and negatives; Berlin Area Historical Society periodicals; greeting cards. Box 31: Materials relating to Jim and Maxine personal life. Includes cards and letters; photo prints and negatives; miscellaneous printed items including art catalog. Box 32: Photo and slide negatives. Box 33: Art catalogs; exhibition brochures and guide books; newspaper clippings; typescript document; address booklets; Jim and Maxine Cable professional documents, including documents relating to Maxine Cable teaching career and Jim Cable Air Force job; mail, greeting cards, and correspondence; holograph notes; American University documents; Jim Cable business school diploma; photo prints; phone number list including Gallery 10. Box 34: Numerous video cassettes, presumably of original recorded material; slide negatives; holograph notes. Box 35: 3 slide carousels of slide negatives, including of Maxine Cable artwork. Box 36: Mail, greeting cards, postcards to Jim and Maxine Cable. Box 37: Postcards and printed information re: Maryland Printmakers Postcard Project 2008, run by Lisa Tayerle; business mail for Maryland Printmakers, Inc.; Lisa Tayerle medical document; printed correspondence, financial documents, membership forms, and other printed documents relating to Maryland Printmakers, Inc.; Maryland Printmakers, Inc. CD; box of cards to Jim and Maxine Cable. Box 38: Jim Cable Air Force certificates; photo prints; 3 diaries; Irene M. Cable funeral book and cards; “EHC” funeral book; Jim Cable correspondence and holograph notes relating to autograph collection; materials relating to Cable family including photo prints, newspaper clippings, correspondence, holograph notes, other printed materials; holograph notes, cards, correspondence, newspaper clippings, primarily relating to Ruth K. Cable; Jim and Maxine cable mail, holograph notes; Jim Cable military draft document; guide book; Air Force plaque; beach house documents; personal ledger; photo prints; typescript document re: Cable family; bundle labeled “Legal stuff for Jim + Maxine”. Box 39: Correspondence and newspaper clippings; documents and correspondence relating to cars; brochures, periodicals, other printed materials relating to Citroen automobiles, including album of printed materials; Jim Cable civil service records and documents; financial, legal, medical, and other official documents relating to Jim Cable and family; Playboy periodical. Box 40: Newspaper sections, apparently documenting notable events; Jim and Maxine Cable travel documents; brochures; Jim Cable professional documents, including recommendations and letterhead samples; photo prints; newspaper clippings; financial and legal documents; check books; old Treasury bills; wallet; photo prints and negatives; art catalog. Box 41: Restricted materials. Box 42: Restricted materials.