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Card, Jesse


Found in 9 Collections and/or Records:

Barbara Ehrlich Interview, 2017-09-28

Identifier: dcpl_dcohc003_09.mp3
Scope and Contents

Barbara Ehrlich discusses moving to Washington, DC and her time spent living in Southwest; her educational background and work experience, especially in Public Health; her involvement with local organizations and events such as the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s Southwest Arts Festival Committee, the DC Arts Commission, the Washington Waterfront Association, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival; changes and developments in the neighborhood; and the concept of aging in place.

Dates: 2017-09-28

Brian Hamilton Interview, 2017-09-06

Identifier: dcpl_dcohc003_05.mp3
Scope and Contents

Brian Hamilton discusses moving to Washington, DC and living and raising a family in Southwest; his work with the Westminster Presbyterian Church; the history of the neighborhood and the church; the church’s involvement in the Southwest community; urban renewal, gentrification, and changes and issues in the neighborhood; and his thoughts and hopes related to the future of the area.

Dates: 2017-09-06

Bruce Kellogg Interview, 2017-09-19

Identifier: dcpl_dcohc003_06.mp3
Scope and Contents

Bruce Kellogg discusses what brought him to Washington, DC and his time spent living in Southwest; his time spent working and traveling with international agencies and organizations such as the Peace Corps, USAID, and the United Seaman’s Service; how he met his wife and the experience of raising their three children in DC; development plans for the neighborhood and residents’ reactions; some of his hobbies and volunteer efforts; and the rivers and waterfront areas in Southwest.

Dates: 2017-09-19

Carolyn Mitchell Interview, 2017-08-07

Identifier: dcpl_dcohc003_02.mp3
Scope and Contents

Carolyn Mitchell discusses moving to Washington, DC and her time spent living in Southwest; her work with the American Society of Landscape Architects; changes and issues within the Southwest neighborhood; her involvement in the community and experience working with local organizations; and gentrification and redevelopment throughout Southwest.

Dates: 2017-08-07

David Ehrlich Interview, 2017-09-25

Identifier: dcpl_dcohc003_07.mp3
Scope and Contents

David Ehrlich discusses what brought him to Washington, DC and the Southwest neighborhood, in particular; his work history and experience as a pianist and chamber music performer; his thoughts on the changes, amenities, and construction and redevelopment in the area; and his and his wife Barbara’s travels and involvement in the community.

Dates: 2017-09-25

Linda Brown Interview, 2017-07-25

Identifier: dcpl_dcohc003_01.mp3
Scope and Contents

Linda Brown discusses growing up in Washington, DC and moving to Southwest; the experience of raising her daughter, Chaya, a child with disabilities, and their relationship with the community; her role as an advocate for people with disabilities and her involvement with several organizations, such as TASH, University Legal Services, and Empower DC; public housing; and the redevelopment and historical value of the Southwest neighborhood.

Dates: 2017-07-25

Ryan Pierce Interview, 2017-08-28

Identifier: dcpl_dcohc003_04.mp3
Scope and Contents

Ryan Pierce discusses moving to Washington, DC; his educational background and work related to historic preservation; the history and architecture of Southwest; his involvement with the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) and its History Task Force; redevelopment and gentrification in the area, as well as residents’ input and responses to these changes; and his thoughts on the future of the neighborhood.

Dates: 2017-08-28

Series 3: Buzzard Point Oral History Project, 2017

Identifier: dcpl_dcohc003
Scope and Contents

The Buzzard Point Oral History Collection contains 9 audio interviews of residents of the Buzzard Point, D.C. community. The interviews were conducted by Jesse Card in 2017. Transcripts are included for all interviews.

Dates: 2017

Vanessa Ruffin-Colbert Interview, 2017-08-22

Identifier: dcpl_dcohc003_03.mp3
Scope and Contents

Vanessa Ruffin-Colbert discusses her early life in Washington, DC and experience living in Southwest; her involvement in the community and relationship with the children and families in the area; changes and issues related to the neighborhood and its residents; redevelopment and construction in Southwest; and her continued efforts and hopes to improve the community.

Dates: 2017-08-22

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